A Proven History of Providing High-Quality Roofing Services to Florida Homeowners

  • WelcomeFeb 2014

    Integrity Started - FL – Started the journey to become the most trusted and reliable Roofer in the industry.

  • March 2014March 2014

    First Re-Roof – FL – Completed our first project and served our first client.

  • June 2014June 2014

    First Multi-Family Job -FL – Completed our first multi-family development serving hundreds of clients at once.

  • August 2015August 2015

    First Roof in GA – Expanded our operation with sacrificing core values.

  • September 2016September 2016

    First Roof in SC – Growth continued through our dedication to our clients while preserving the essence or who we are.

  • May 2017 May 2017

    First Roof in NC – The word continued to spread and our operation continued to grow.

  • June 2018June 2018

    2500 clients served – Truly an astonishing accomplishment.

  • July 2019July 2019

    CertainTeed Master Elite – Mastering a great product.

  • February 2020February 2020

    Launched Non-Profit “Holding hands with Integrity” – Giving back to our amazing community.

  • September 2021September 2021

    4500 Clients served – Restoring our communities is our love and passion.

  • October 2022October 2022

    Hurricane relief in Ft. Myers – Responded to the needs of community.

  • March 2023March 2023

    Completed largest project, 8000 squares – We love a great challenge and we conquered flawlessly.

  • February 2024February 2024

    Celebrating 10 Years – We are far from done!

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Our Experts Team Safety & Reliability

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